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Points of View

Perspectives from across the Canadian Sheep Industry

Points of View is a discussion forum on issues that are currently facing the industry. Launched in 2007, this perspective-sharing forum is becoming more popular with every issue and gaining notice in other countries. Each issue welcomes contributions on a particular subject as well as letters to the editor.

We want to ensure that Points of View continues to serve its purpose of generating discussion and ideas, and sometimes even solutions for producers. Don’t hesitate to provide input on what topics you want to see covered.
What haven’t we discussed yet? What topics do you think the industry should be talking about? What are you dealing with on your farm? Send your ideas to

Points of View Archives

Allowing sheep to transit through Canada from the northern US states to Alaska puts the Canadian industry at a disadvantage  Summer 2011

Myth: Sheep producers have good knowledge of their cost of production and use this information to increase profitability

April 2011

Myth: It is acceptable to use beef cattle ID tags in sheep

March 2011
Myth: Provincial government involvement in the Canadian Sheep and Lamb Food Safe Faram Practices Program gives government control over the program. February 2011
Myth: The fine for not tagging sheep is $500 per animal. January 2011
Myth: We have the extension services required to help producers make necessary advances in sheep production. December 2010
Reporting on CSF Value Chain Round Table November 2010

Myth: Canadian lamb faces stiff competition from imported product from Australia and New Zealand, which threatens to further erode Canadian producers' share of our domestic market.

October 2010
Myth: The intention of mandatory RFID tags is to be able to trace animals to the original producer for the purpose of penalizing that producer in the event of a disease or food safety issue. September 2010
Myth: Producers are not interested in genotyping their flocks to help identify animals that have increased resistance to scrapie. August 2010
MYTH: The Canadian sheep industry is sustainable and will grow without embracing traceability. July 2010
MYTH: The only way to increase my production is by increasing my number of ewes. June 2010
There's no danger in under supplying the sheep market May 2010
The sheep industry will end up like the hog and cattle industries if CSF continues its focus on increasing production      April 2010
An increase in production will mean a decrease in price         March 2010
I don't have a say in what the CSF does          February 2010
 There's no need to worry about bio-security on my farm  January 2010
 What is the best way to reach you?  December 2009
 National Predation Roundtable      November 2009
Are sheep producers interested in production insurance       October 2009
 Is increasing production possible without making major investments       September 2009
 Predation is not impacting my production       August 2009
 C. ovis condemnations in sheep - an emerging problem in Canada  July 2009
It is a waste of money to participate in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program June 2009
There is no point in calling a vet because they cost too much May 2009
Bluetongue disease won't affect my flock April 2009
Raising Sheep and Producing Lamb March 2009
What should the CSF be doing for you? February 2009
Genetics January 2009
‘Switched on’ leadership December 2008
Special edition – reporting on the Value Chain Round Table at CSF’s 2008 AGM November 2008
What’s on your mind? October 2008
Flock expansion September 2008
On-farm food safety August 2008
Value chain round table July 2008
Radio-frequency identification technology June 2008
Maximizing profit April 2008
Association and government representative responsibility March 2008
Consumer demand February 2008
National grading system January 2008
Special edition – reporting on CSF’s 2007 AGM December 2007
Re-opening markets to Canadian lamb November 2007
Securing long-term sustainability of the sheep industry October 2007
Production and pricing September 2007
Who is the successful producer of the future? August 2007
Collaboration, communication and the consumer June 2007