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The Canadian Sheep and Lamb Food-Safe Farm Practices Program is moving forward
July, 2003

The Canadian Sheep On-Farm Food Safety Technical Committee left their meeting in Winnipeg this past week agreeing that it was time to move the program forward to the technical review phase.

The Canadian Sheep and Lamb Food-Safe Farm Practices manual, which outlines Good Production Practices for producers, will be submitted to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for technical review by mid-August. The review begins with a screening process, which is followed by a 16-week block of time, during which the manual is evaluated by a team made up of CFIA and provincial representatives.

While the manual is undergoing review, the Committee will begin developing manuals for training auditors, On-Farm Food Safety trainers and producers interested in the program.

It is anticipated that by November of this year, Training the Trainer courses will be held throughout Canada. These courses are intended for those interested in training producers on the on-farm implementation of the Canadian Sheep and Lamb Food-Safe Farm Practices. Producer training is expected to commence in early 2004.

In addition to the production of training material, the Technical Committee will begin developing promotional material for the program and initial copies of the manual translated into both official languages.

For more information please contact Jennifer Fleming at (519) 824-6018 or foodsafety@cansheep.ca



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