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To proactively seek the latest information available on health issues and work to help industry implement programs and solutions that focus on developing/maintaining high flock health status.

There are 3 main focus areas for our efforts:

• Promotion of disease prevention programs
Encouragement to develop veterinary-client relationships
Education for the industry on optimum health management practices and disease control options

Who we are:
Randy Eros - Manitoba Sheep Association (MSA)
Ian Clark - Alberta Sheep and Wool Commission
Colleen Sawyer - Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board (SSDB)
Jennifer Fleming - Executive Director, Canadian Sheep Federation
Fred Baker - Past Chair, Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (OSMA)
Jonathan Wort - Canadian Sheep Breeders Association (CSBA)
Anne Leboeuf - Coordonnatrice en sante ovine, CEPOQ

Some specific examples of significant advances in flock health:

Blue Tongue
• No occurrences since 1987
• As of 2002 - no viral activity found
• Monitoring continues in the Okanogan Valley in BC


• From 1998 - 2002 incidences decreased by 94%
• Incidences fell from 74 flocks to 4 flocks during that period

The committee encourages a holistic approach to flock health that covers all areas of farm management; including nutrition, housing, and environment. Disease prevention is the primary focus of all programs, but attention is also directed toward:

• The importance of early disease detection
• How the national animal identification/tracking system is a key tool to reduce the spread of disease
• The importance having a biosecurity program in place for each farm to minimize the risk of disease being brought onto the farm
• Producers adopting the recommendations and programs from this committee often find their operations become more efficient and profitable.

Additional resources:
Western Canadian Flock Health Program
Ontario Sheep Health Program

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