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Allflex plastic dangle tag and RFID tag are now available to producers.. While the use of the Allflex tags is not mandatory, they can be used in place of the Ketchum Kurl Lock #3 pink tag.

The only exception is that producers, who are shipping animals to Quebec, must use the Allflex RFID tag in conjunction with either the Allflex dangle tag or the Ketchum tag as of January 1, 2005.

For producers in provinces other than Quebec you need to be aware of the regulations that are being implemented in Quebec so that you can continue to conduct business with producers and packing plants within that province. This has generated several common questions;

If I am transporting sheep through the province of Quebec to another province do they have to be tagged with RFID tags?

No. As long as the sheep are in transit through the province to a destination outside the province of Quebec all that is required is the standard Ketchum Kurl-Lock #3 CSIP tag.

What happens if I sell a breeding ewe or ram to a producer in Quebec?

The animal must be identified with an RFID tag before it crosses the Quebec border.

If I sell lambs direct to a packing plant in Quebec what do I do?

In order for the lambs to be accepted by a packing plant in Quebec they will have to be identified with both an RFID tag and either a Ketchum Kurl- Lock #3 CSIP tag or the Allflex CSIP dangle tag. Packing plants in Quebec are not allowed to apply tags so it will be the shippers’ responsibility to make sure that the lambs are tagged.

What happens if I ship lambs to a plant in Quebec without the proper tags?

It is an offence for either a trucker or a packing plant in Quebec to accept lambs not identified with adequate ID. You will not be able to sell these animals in Quebec and will have to bring them home until they are tagged.

What happens if sheep I consign to a sale barn are bought by a Quebec buyer for a Quebec packing plant?

It is the responsibility of the transporter and the buyer to make sure that the sheep has the correct tags. They will have to ensure that the animals are tagged with CSIP RFID tags and this information is recorded and passed on to ATQ.

Do I have to tag my sheep with RFID if I am taking them to a livestock show in Quebec and then bringing them home?


If I have sheep consigned to a breeding stock sale like the All Canada Sheep Classic that was held in Richmond Quebec in 2003 would the sheep have to be tagged with RFID?


Do I need to cross reference the Ketchum tags with the RFID tags that are also in my name?

Yes. Individuals applying a new tag to an animal must cross reference the new tag number with the original tag number and keep a record.

For more information contact the Canadian Sheep Federation at 1-888-684-7739 or cansheep@cansheep.ca.


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