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Cooking Lamb… for sheer pleasure.

The following recipes have been reprinted from Madame Jehane Benoit’s booklet, "Cooking Lamb… for sheer pleasure", published by the Canada Sheep Council, March 1974:

"Canadian Lamb has always enjoyed the preference of the Canadian consumer. Our methods of raising sheep, our climate and the variety of our sheep breeds all concur to give Canadian lamb its fine, distinctive flavour. We have published this booklet of recipes to help Canadian families enjoy Canadian lamb at its traditional best."

- Canada Sheep Council, March 1974

The Leg of Lamb
My Roast Leg of Lamb
Curried Leg of Lamb
Honey Glazed Roasted Leg of Lamb
Easter Leg of Lamb

The Lamb Shoulder
French Braised Shoulder
Mint-Peppercorn Roast Shoulder
French Lamb Navarin
Moroccan Tajin

The Lamb Chops
The Lamb Chops
Cooking Methods
Greek Lamb Chops
Italian Lamb Chops
Turkish Broiled Lamb Steak
Curried Shoulder Lamb Chops

Ground Lamb
My Family Lambburger

Fore Shanks and Neck
Barely Lamb Stew
Scottish Boiled Lamb Shanks
Barbecued Lamb Necks

Whole Lamb
Lamb Elegance – Lamb Méchoui


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