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About Us

About CSF

Our Mission

The Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF) and the Canadian sheep industry at large are facing an exciting time in the evolution of the sheep value chain. Huge opportunities exist today to grow markets, increase value for all stakeholders, and secure the prosperity of the industry for the future.

CSF plays a central role in coordinating efforts to make this happen, including resources like this website that are intended to help existing lamb producers and new entrants find the information and contacts they need to grow and prosper. If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us.


Our History

The Canadian Sheep Federation was established on August 31, 1990. The organization, which replaced the former Canada Sheep Council, was created to provide a strong national body that represented the Canadian sheep industry on issues of national importance.

Our Structure

The Canadian Sheep Federation is a producer-funded organization. Its members are comprised of provincial organizations (Regular Members), Affiliate and Associate Members.


The Board of Directors is comprised of representatives appointed by the Regular and Affiliate members.

Canadian Sheep Federation membership is subject to Board of Directors approval. Membership status, including voting privilege, is reserved for members whose dues are in good standing.

Board of Directors

Fred Baker

Chairman (Independent)

Jason Cooper

Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board (SSDB)

Jocelyne McGraw

New Brunswick Sheep Breeders Association

Harry Elsinga2.jpg

Harry Elsinga

Prince Edward Island Sheep Breeders' Association

Bernadette Nikkel - Treasurer

Canadian Sheep Breeders’ Association (CSBA)

Barbara Ydenberg.jpg

Barb Ydenberg - Secretary

British Columbia Sheep Federation (BCSF)

Simon Atkinson - Vice-Chair

Manitoba Sheep Association (MSA)

Beverly Palmeter

Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia (SPANS)

Brenda Aylward

Sheep Producers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (SPANL)

Reggie Campbell

Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited (CCWG)

Kim Schneider

Ontario Lamb Producers Caucus


The CSF employs one full-time staff person – the Executive Director – and one part-time bookkeeper. The function of the Executive Director is to oversee the operations of the CSF, implement the goals and objectives of the strategic plan, and manage human, financial and physical resources. 

Other staff positions are supported through financial assistance from the federal government, including a part-time Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program and Chronic Wasting Disease Voluntary Herd Certification Program Assessor (this role is supervised by CSF’s Executive Director).

Corlena Patterson

Corlena Patterson

Executive Director

Megan Kroes

Traceability Manager

Julia Patterson

Chronic Wasting Disease Voluntary Herd Certification Program Status Assessor for SK, MB, ON & QC

Member Organizations

Affiliate membership will be available to organizations, incorporated companies or departments of provincial and federal government agencies. An Affiliate Member will be able to appoint a Director to the CSF Board, attend and vote at all the organization's meetings, and provide input on current issues. Memberships will cost between $2,000 and $4,000 annually.

Associate membership will be available to individuals, organizations, incorporated companies or departments of provincial and federal government agencies. An Associate may not appoint a Director, but they will be able to attend all the organization's meetings and provide input on current issues.

Regular Membership

Affiliate Membership

Associate Membership

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