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Ultrasound Certification Program

Trans-abdominal Pregnancy Ultrasound Assessments

It is the position of the Canadian Sheep Federation that pregnancy in small ruminants is not an illness needing to be diagnosed but part of the continuous cycle of normal farm practices that allows farms to be productive and profitable. Knowing whether a ewe or doe is pregnant or open is increasingly important to flock/herd management and access to accurate and affordable trans-abdominal ultrasound is becoming an important management tool for making that assessment. Trans-abdominal ultrasound scanning is a safe, humane and non-invasive process for providing pregnancy assessments.


It is important that anyone involved in providing a pregnancy assessment service in small ruminants be fully trained and competent in the use of fully functioning, well maintained equipment and be certified by a national, industry led certifying body. It is important that farm operators have confidence in the abilities, accuracy and affordability of independent technicians, veterinarian technicians and/or veterinarians performing pregnancy assessments. The Canadian Sheep Federation's position is that trans-abdominal ultrasound assessments may be performed by any trained and competent individual regardless of professional designation.

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